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Diocesan Statutes

Statutes 2016

Index 2015 Numerical & Alpha Order

Statute No 1 The General Synod Representation Statute 2014

Statute No 2 The Waikato Diocesan Statute of Synod 2014

Statute No 3 The Standing Orders Statutes 1972

Statute No 4 The Interpretation Statute 1990

Statute No 5 The Waikato Diocesan Statute of Standing Committee 2014

Statute No 6 The Finance Statute 1991

Statute No 8 The Clergy Stipend Statute 1973

Statute No 10 The Archdeaconry Statute 2006

Statute No 12 Te Pihopatanga Relationship Statute

Statute No 13 The Faculties Statute 2014

Statute No 14 The Waikato Diocesan Cathedrals Statute 2006

Statute No 15  The Parishes Statute 2009

Statute No 17 The Waikato Diocesan Statute of Pastors 1993

Statute No 18 The Lay Ministry Licences Statute 2011

Statute No 20 The Declaration of Trust Boards' Powers 1994

Statute No 27 The Boundaries of the Local Ministry and Mission Units Statute 1996 - Parish Boundaries

Statute No 31 The Taranaki Trusts Statute 1997

Statute No 33 The Diocesan Burial Grounds Statute 1999

Statute No 35 The Waihi Whangamata Ministry Units Statute 1998

Statute No 39 The Shared Diocesan Episcopacy Statute 2007

Statute No 40 The Anglican Action Mission Trust Recognition Statute 2011

Statute No 41 The Clergy Housing Statute 2011

Statute No 42 The Regulations Statute 2011

Statute No 43 The Honorary Titles and Awards Statute 2012

Statute No 44 The Statute of Earthquake Risk Assessment 2014

Statute No 45 The Chief Administrative Officer's Title Statute 2014

Stat No. 46 The Trusts in Parishes Statute 2018

Stat No. 47 The Use of Capital Statute 2018

Stat No. 48 The Bishopric Trusts Amalgamation Statute 2018


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Connected (30th March 2019)
Connected 28 March

Joint Press Release

Joint Press Release (22nd March 2019)
50 tolls of the bell at 3pm today

Remembering those who have died

Remembering those who have died (22nd March 2019)
Two-minute silence and tolling of bells