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LiFT Off

Bishops' Vision for Discipleship launched

Last week the prelaunch-checks were completed for the new LiFT (Living Faith Today) discipleship formation venture. At sites around the diocese new communities gathered (with cautious hopes and delicious desserts) to start a new journey together. After more than one year's planning LiFT has transitioned from ambition to reality. In excess of 100 people are now registered in 11 different locations across Taranaki and Waikato; technology has been sourced, purchased and installed; 30,000 words have been poured into the first two workbooks; and wild logistics have been tamed (mostly). This is extraordinary, and we pray that it will transform not just the participants but the whole Diocese. So please join us each week and pray the following that together we may see God's work done.

Emmaus God,
Our companion on the road,
As we journey together,
Draw us out of ourselves and into you.
May your Spirit move upon all your disciples,
May new vocations be uncovered, and
New meaning understood.
May we break your bread together,
And usher your Kingdom in.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. 


LiFT (Living Faith Today) is a weekly commitment to becoming a better disciple. It would be easy to get caught up in the teaching of LiFT and forget that learning is only a part of the process. However, 

  • Each participant is encouraged to establish a daily prayer routine;
  • Every week the groups gather together over food and pray for one another;
  • The teaching is interspersed with reflections and discussion points which are intended to be contextualised by each groupo;
  • Every night concludes with Night Prayer.

These processes actually change who we are; they re-form us in the image of God.

Want to know more about LiFT?

"Grounded in prayer we are equipped for discipleship and connected to community."

Photo Credit: Dessert & Welcome Evening at Charlotte Brown House

Story Published: 8th of May - 2017

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