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Pilgrims gather - the journey begins

In the Bible, numbers are important; they generally carry more symbolic meaning than literal. So every time we hear "40 days" we might imagine cleansing, renewal, and transformation. Likewise it's difficult to dissociate the number 12 from the Tribes of Israel or the Disciples of Jesus. 'Three' is forever bound to the Trinity and the notion of perfection. And when we read numbers in the 10s, 100s and 1000s we know it means 'a whole lot'.

So it's difficult for me not to reflect on the fact that last night LiFT welcomed it's 120th pilgrim (10x12, 3x40, and an undeniable sign of the Spirit in action). This pilgrim joined us just as we began engaging with the idea of journey and journaling; and now she is our travelling companion.

One week after launch, LiFT has been broadcast live to 8 hubs across the Diocese and the recording has been viewed by another half dozen groups and individuals. Although it is still 'early days' we are delighted to say that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and that each week the groups are developing their own unique culture - local, relevant and meaningful. We are grateful firstly to God for this new chapter of discipleship in the Diocese but we would also like to acknowledge the support of the St John's College Trust Board. We give thanks that they recognised our innovation and have enabled us to offer this formation free. Likewise, we are blessed to have Bishops who are not only committed to discipleship but who have the gifts and skills to deliver such a quality experience.

We ask for your continued prayers for all people involved in "LiFT: Living faith Today" and invite you to join in these words:

Emmaus God,
Our companion on the road,
As we journey together,
Draw us out of ourselves and into you.
May your Spirit move upon all your disciples,
May new vocations be uncovered, 
and new meaning understood.
May we break your bread together,
And usher your Kingdom in.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

The image above is taken from the video which is recorded each week and distributed to groups and individuals.

Story Published: 17th of May - 2017

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