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Otago University

Professional Development: Chaplaincy & Leadership

The Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Otago offers qualifications in Chaplaincy: the Postgraduate Certificate in Chaplaincy, the Postgraduate Diploma in Chaplaincy and the Master of Chaplaincy.

These programmes are designed as professional qualifications for those who serve as Chaplains in a variety of settings and who seek advanced professional education to enhance their work, and also for those who want to train to be Chaplains. With the help of chaplaincy organisations in New Zealand, they have designed practical programmes that will meet the needs of chaplains in diverse settings.

 ·      All papers are offered by Distance Learning

·      Admission requirements are a degree or equivalent three-year qualification (not necessarily in Theology).

Papers offered in 2019:

  • MINS 410  Pastoral Care in Dying, Grief and Loss (Semester 2, 2019) 
  • MINS 411  Chaplaincy in Diverse Contexts (Semester 1, 2019)
  • BIBS 412 The Book of Job (Semester 2, 2019)
  • CHTH 415: Reconciliation, Christian Ethics and Public Theology (Semester 2, 2019)
  • CHTH 422: Citizenship, Democracy and Discipleship (Semester 1, 2019)
  • CHTH 423 Theology and Human Well-Being (Semester 1, 2019)

Papers offered in other years:

  • MINS 408 Cultures, Migration and Faith
  • MINS 409 Chaplaincy Studies
  • MINS 412 Church in Mission: Theology in Changing Cultures
  • MINS 413 Missional God, Missional People
  • BIBS 413 God, Suffering and Justice
  • CHTH 416 The Theology of Bonhoeffer
  • CHTH 420 Public Theology and Social Justice

For more information on Chaplaincy qualifications please see here:

This includes information about the new Masters of Faith-Based Leadership and Management, and Postgraduate Diploma of Faith-Based Leadership and Management, which may be of interest. 

To find out more about Theology and Religion at Otago:

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Story Published: 9th of October - 2018

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