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Reflections on Dr Hirini Kaa's Challenge

What does three-tikanga partnership look like in your ministry unit?

Last week a diverse crowd of about 100 people attended Rev Dr Hirini Kaa's presentation "Why Cringe at Waitangi?" at Just Food (Anglican Action, Hamilton). Dr Kaa is the son of the late Rev Hone Kaa and a professor of history at Auckland University. He was invited by Anglican Action to engage with our Prime Minister's comments around Waitangi day - particularly the "cringe" factor. However, he also raised a significant challenge for the Anglican Church. Although he celebrated the "struggle for liberation" and the "prophetic" move the institution made with respect to its constitution in 1992 he has challenged us to reflect on what that means 25 years later. 

Te Pouhere (The Constitution) was an extraordinary event in the life of the Communion. It sent a message beyond our shores that our Province was serious about its pursuit for equality and justice. It enabled Tikanga Maaori and Tikanga Pasefika to explore their unique identity as indigenous South Pacific Anglicans. Nevertheless, Hirini argues, it allowed Tikanga Pakeha to forget and to become comfortable in its own culture.

So we urge you to reflect on where you and your ministry unit is at with respect to the way it honours our partners - our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.  What efforts are you making to understand what your obligations are under our constitution. We are a people who profess reconciliation - but how is our 'profession' reflected in our practice? Can you be proud of your efforts to honour the Treaty; and do you value the contribution that our Tikanga partners make to revealing new aspects of God?

As you celebrate 25 years of Te Pouhere we invite you to prayerfully reflect on these questions and to explore the answers in partnership. Furthermore we encourage you to listen to Dr Hirini Kaa's presentation and read the resources he recommends.

May God be with us all as we seek to discern what we are called to be and do.


Story Published: 8th of February - 2017

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